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Formative Skills for Student Success.

Our preschool, primary and secondary curriculum is designed with formative skills that we consider essential for personal and professional development throughout life. 


Why formative skills for student success?

Improvement of academic performance

Formative skills such as organization, planning, and critical thinking help students become more efficient in their academic work and achieve better results.

Preparation for the workforce

Formative skills such as teamwork, communication, and problem solving are highly valued in the world of work and help students become more competitive in the job market.

Personal development

Formative skills such as self-discipline, motivation and self-regulation help students develop their personal potential and achieve their goals.

Increase of confidence

As students gain formative skills, their self-confidence increases and they feel better able to face challenges.

Improvement of mental health

Training skills such as time management and stress management help students better manage their mental health and prevent stress-related health problems.

Improvement of social skills

Formative skills such as empathy, active listening, and conflict resolution help students develop social skills and build healthy relationships.

Contribute to society

Formative skills such as critical thinking, creativity, and the ability to innovate enable students to contribute meaningfully to society and the world.

Future proof skills

What are they?

Our programs include teaching the skills and competencies that will be relevant and valuable in an uncertain and changing future. At Brighton we consider these skills to be those that are least likely to be automated or superseded by technology, and that are essential for adapting and thriving in a dynamic world.

Soft Skills

Soft skills, such as communication, teamwork, critical thinking, and problem solving, are essential for interacting with others and adapting to new situations. In preschool, elementary, and middle school, we continually encourage collaboration and teamwork, providing opportunities for students to work together on projects and activities that help them develop their communication and leadership skills.

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Emotional Skills

Emotional skills, such as empathy, emotional intelligence, and resilience, are essential for managing stress and the uncertainties of the future. At Brighton School we encourage open and honest communication with children, which helps them express their emotions in a healthy way.

Skills to Learn

Curiosity, the ability to adapt, and the ability to continually learn are essential skills for staying current and learning new skills and knowledge in a dynamic world. In preschool, primary and secondary we create a positive learning environment where children feel safe and valued, which helps them develop their confidence and motivation to continue learning and exploring.

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Leadership Skills

They are skills that allow developing the ability to make decisions, strategic vision and the ability to inspire others, are essential to guide organizations through change. At Brighton we provide opportunities for students to lead projects and activities, such as being group leaders or project managers, this helps them develop their leadership skills.

Creative Skills

From preschool to high school we teach them to think outside the box and develop their ability to generate new ideas. These creative skills are essential to find innovative solutions to the challenges of the future.

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Digital Skills

Technology is rapidly changing the world of work, and digital skills are necessary to be able to adapt and take advantage of new opportunities. Brighton emphasizes digital skills; We integrate digital tools in the classroom, such as chromebooks, iPads, and gamified educational programs, allowing our students to develop digital skills while We also set up projects and challenges that involve the use of technology, such as creating multimedia presentations, videos, and collaborative documents.

At Brighton we are committed to providing the best skills to your children, welcome cycle 2023

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