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About us

Brighton School is an educational institution where skills, knowledge and values necessary for the personal and academic development of its students are taught. Brighton College is administered byBanting College, an educational institution born in CDMX 27 years ago and led  by people passionate about education.ion.


Brighton and Banting are part of an educational group  dedicated to improving education and learning with technology. Our expertise is in basic education from nursery to high school and we offer a variety of programs and resources that support our philosophy and educational model.


Our main objective is to provide a quality education to students so that they can develop their skills and knowledge, and prepare for adult life and the world of work.

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brighton mission

We provide an excellent educational environment that allows students to develop their full academic, social, and personal potential. 

We train competitive students, with a human sense and values so that they become positive agents of change for their community and for Mexico.

Painting Wall


buildingafuture together

By 2030 our schools will be a dynamic, technologically advanced, student-centered place. We will offer a personalized, flexible and adaptive learning environment, and will continue to focus on the development of the whole student.


Our students will have access to a wide range of educational resources, including technology, libraries and specialized laboratories. Teaching would be based on collaboration and communication, allowing students to work together and learn effectively.

We will have a teaching system focused on the project, so that students can apply what they have learned in practical and real projects.

We will offer educational programs in emerging areas such as artificial intelligence, robotics, and cybersecurity to prepare students for the future.

Finally, we will use technology to promote international education through exchange programs and collaborations with schools in other parts of the world so that students can gain global experiences and learn from different cultures.

living withValuesand Human Sense

Brighton College's core values are innovation, sustainable growth, creativity and academic excellence.

For our educational group, teaching values in our schools is very important, we consider that values are fundamental principles and beliefs that guide human behavior. Teaching values in our nursery, preschool, primary, and secondary schools helps students develop their character and make ethical decisions in their daily lives.

Teaching values also helps our students build healthy relationships and collaborate effectively with others. Values such as respect, responsibility, and teamwork are essential to the development of a positive and collaborative school community.

Values education also helps our Brighton students to develop their identity and self-esteem, which is essential for their psychological well-being and their ability to face life's challenges.

In a changing and globalized world, it is important to teach values such as empathy, adaptability, and environmental responsibility to prepare students for an uncertain future and help them become responsible global citizens.

By teaching values in Brighton we help our students develop character, build healthy relationships and prepare to face life's challenges.

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Fondo de neón de moda



The logo and colorsBrighton

Logo: The Brighton College logo represents a sunrise, a rising sun that symbolizes light and knowledge. The sun is made of a purple and green color combination, symbolizing innovation and sustainable growth. The name "Brighton" is written in modern cursive letters through the sun.


Colors: Purple is associated with sophistication, creativity andspirituality. Green is associated with nature, health, sustainability, stability, security, hope and renewal. Together they represent a balance between different values that we hold dear at Brighton. The combination of purple and green in our logo creates a sense of balance and harmony, as both colors complement each other.

we are a schoolmulti cultural bilingual

 We offer educational programs that promote the development of skills and knowledge in two different languages, Spanish and English.  We promote and value cultural diversity, and seek to foster understanding and respect between different cultures.

English learning takes place in an immersive manner, which means that students receive instruction in both languages during regular classes. This allows students to develop as   speakers of both languages and become familiar with the foreign culture.

We offer educational programs that are based on the principles of intercultural education and focus on diversity, with the aim of preparingstudents for life in an increasingly diverse and globalized world.

escuela-bilingue-bicultural .JPG

High Performance Team

"In our team, each member is important, together we are a high performance team"

Our Brighton team is highly efficient and effective in achieving your goals and objectives. Our leaders have been able to perform at an above average level and achieve remarkable results in a short time. Our leading team is characterized by: 


  • They have a clear and shared vision of the objectives and goals of the educational project

  • Effective and fluid communication between all collaborators.

  • Effective leadership and a strong organizational structure.

  • Highly trained and committed team members.

  • Teamwork and constant collaboration.

  • .Flexibility and adaptability to face and overcome the challenges and changes that education represents

  • A positive and motivating work environment.

  • A constant feedback system to measure the performance of the team and make decisions to improve.

Ourro team is capable of overcoming challenges, adapting to changes and achieving outstanding results, improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the organization. They are essential for the success of our educational project in Querétaro.

Start the admission process and provide your children with an excellent education.

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