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What do we do

"defining excellence day by day"

We provide an excellent educational environment that allows students to develop their full academic, social, and personal potential.
We train competitive students, with a human sense and values so that they become positive agents of change for their community and for Mexico.

How we achieve an excellent educational environment


We work so that our school has a safe, inclusive and stimulating environment. At Brighton School we promote active learning and collaboration between students and teachers. Our teachers are accessible and provide constructive feedback, and our programs are aligned with the needs and abilities that we promote in students. In addition, we design an environment that encourages critical thinking, creativity, and the development of real-world skills.

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How do we do it

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How we train competitive students for the future.


At Brighton School we prepare them for the future. We teach skills such as problem solving, creativity, collaboration, effective communication, critical thinking, and the ability to continually learn. Our students are familiar with emerging technologies and learn technology skills. Additionally, we develop them with social-emotional skills like empathy, resilience, and self-esteem as well, which we find important for long-term success.

How we train students with a human sense.


We train students who have a deep understanding of themselves and others, and who are able to apply this understanding to positively interact with their environment. We encourage empathy, so that they are able to put themselves in the place of others, understanding their perspectives and feelings. In addition, from preschool through high school we teach them strong social-emotional skills, such as resilience, self-esteem and self-regulation, which allows them to handle difficult situations effectively. Brighton students are also aware of their impact on the world and seek to contribute positively to their community and environment.

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How we train students with values.


We instill in our students a set of principles and beliefs that guide their behavior and decisions. These values include honesty, responsibility, tolerance, solidarity, equality, justice, respect, and compassion. Our Brighton students are aware of how their actions and decisions affect others and seek to act ethically and fairly in all situations. They are also able to stand up for their beliefs and principles in a respectful and constructive manner, and can make difficult decisions with integrity. In our kindergarten, primary, and secondary schools, we believe that students with values are a valuable contribution to Mexico and will become positive leaders in their community.

How we train students committed to Mexico


Our curricular programs teach our students social and political awareness so that they are willing to take action to improve their community and the world at large. Our students gain a deep understanding of social and political problems and look for ways to contribute to solving these problems. They are also able to think critically about problems and look for ways to involve others to make a positive impact. Brighton students are engaged in their society, are active and conscientious citizens, and are a valuable contribution to their community and the world.


Find out how we do it by area

Our global strategy applies to our three areas: preschool, primary and secondary. Find out which programs and methodologies apply to the area of your interest

Maternity and Kindergarden

first to sixth grade


from seventh to ninth grade

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