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Our Educational Model

Our Banting Educational Model follows the principles of equity, inclusion, personalization, and valuing skills and knowledge to increase the probability of success for our students. We strongly value formative skills and habits.

Our model is designed to help our students develop their ability to learn independently and apply what they have learned in new and changing situations. Our students learn to plan and manage time, search for and evaluate information, solve problems, work in teams, communicate effectively, and think critically. We present our approaches



Focus on personalized learning.

We strive to tailor instruction to the individual needs of each student, and offer a variety of programs and options to support personalized learning.


Focus on active learning.

At Brighton we promote active learning, which means that students are involved in creating their own knowledge through exploration and experimentation and the use of technology that allows them to express their ideas.

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Focus on comprehensive development.

Brighton focuses on the holistic development of students, including their academic, physical, emotional, social, and creative development.


Focus on collaboration and teamwork.

At our school we encourage  collaboration and teamwork, we consider them essential skills for success in life.



Focus on technology.

At Brighton we use cutting-edge technology to support learning and improve teaching effectiveness.


Focus on diversity

Our school fosters  an environment of diversity and tolerance, free from bullying and we strive to provide an inclusive education for all students, regardless of their origins or abilities.

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Focus on continuous evaluation.

Our preschool, primary and secondary carry out a continuous evaluation of the students to assess their progress and tailor instruction to their individual needs. We believe that success is achieved step by step.


Focus on building a great workplace

A great workplace means a great learning environment for your children e daughters.

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