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Brighton Kindergarden

At Kinder Brighton, we are proud that our students feel the school is an extension of their home, where they enjoy their stay and live in a space surrounded by and in contact with nature, and at the same time with the technological tools that drive their growth.


Here in Brighton we are interested in the integral development of all our children, attending to diversity, times and learning styles. With a focus on constant good habits, teamwork, state-of-the-art technology and personalized attention, the little ones develop in an environment of love and trust that provides them with security and independence.

With playful, interesting, integrating activities and a constant challenge for the students, the little ones upon graduating from preschool, in addition to reading and writing short sentences in cursive, solving operations of adding and subtracting abstract quantities, having a wide vocabulary in English, getting to know various natural and civic events, participating in artistic activities with the community and healthy coexistence and joy events, they will also develop safely and confidently to express themselves, independent and autonomous; as well as ready to investigate and build their own knowledge.

Miss Guadalupe Perez Soto, preschool director.

"At Brighton School the most important thing is the growth, well-being, happiness and education of our little students."

kindergarten brighton

A safe and welcoming place where children learn and develop happily

Kinder Brighton is a safe and welcoming place, where children learn and develop happily. We offer a balanced education that includes academic, social, emotional, and physical activities. 

We have a highly trained staff dedicated to guiding children in their learning process, fostering their curiosity and love for knowledge. 

We work closely with parents to ensure that together children receive a well-rounded and solid education.


¿Por qué elegir Kinder Brighton?


Environment Safe and Cozy

Your children are safe

At Brighton we provide a safe and nurturing environment for your children, where we ensure the physical and emotional protection of students.

Educators with vocation and love

Brighton has highly trained teaching staff who are passionate about their work, capable of providing students with a meaningful learning experience.


Trained Teachers

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Focus on learning

Your children learn knowledge and skills in Brighton

We are a preschool focused on providing students with a challenging and meaningful learning experience that allows them to develop their potential and achieve their goals.

Respect for all

We are a preschool that fosters a culture of inclusion and respect, where all students feel valued and respected.


inclusive and welcoming


Spacious and green facilities

A place to have fun too

Your children deserve to run, play, have fun. In our facilities you will have a large safe space with green areas so that it can be developed in an integral way.

We are Bicultural

Exposure to a second language and culture can increase cultural understanding and promote tolerance and respect for diversity.
The approach to teaching English as a second language should be play-based and involve a lot of hands-on activities, games, songs, and storytelling.


English as a Second Language



At Brighton we focus on developing these super skills  and instruction is in English and Spanish, we are a bicultural kindergarten.

1. Social and emotional skills: learning to share, work in a team, follow rules, express feelings, manage conflicts and develop self-esteem.

2. Cognitive skills: learning to recognize letters and numbers, counting, following instructions, solving simple problems, and developing memory and attention.

3. Language skills: learning to speak clearly, listening and following directions, learning new words, and developing reading comprehension.

Physical skills: learning body control, jumping, running, going up and down stairs safely, using utensils independently, and developing coordination.

4. Creative skills: learn to draw, paint, dance and sing, and develop imagination.

Strategies to achieve our objectives.


How do we get our little ones to acquire the skills corresponding to their age?

There are several effective teaching strategies that we use in our preschool to help our students acquire skills:


Learning through exploration and play: Children learn best when they are interested and motivated, so play and exploration are great ways to teach new skills.

Learning through repetition and practice: To learn a new skill, it is important that children practice regularly and consistently.

Learning through feedback: it is important that children receive constant feedback on their performance so that they can improve and correct their mistakes.


Learning through personalized teaching: it is important to adapt teaching to the individual needs and abilities of each child; Technology is helping us achieve this strategy.


Learning through multisensory teaching: in our kindergarten we use different means, such as sight, hearing, touch and movement, to help our boys and girls learn more effectively.

Start the admission process and provide your children with an excellent education.

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