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What is the common denominator of all our areas and educational levels?

Global Strategy 2030

Our educational model follows the principles ofequity, inclusion, personalization and the valuation of skills and knowledgeto increase the probability of success of our students, always guaranteeing aexcellent educational environmentwith these elements:

QUALITY CURRICULUM:All of our areas (nursery, pre-school, primary and secondary schools at Banting and Brighton schools share a curriculum that is rigorous, up-to-date, and addresses the skills and knowledge necessary for success in today's world.

TRAINED TEACHERS:We strive to have highly trained and committed teachers who strive to provide a quality education.

SAFE AND WELCOMING ENVIRONMENT: Banting and Brighton are  safe and welcoming places for students, where respect, tolerance and inclusion are promoted.

EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION:We work to have open and transparent communication with parents and the community to promote effective collaboration.

INCENTIVES FOR LEARNING: We provide opportunities for exploration and skill development, after-school programs, and enrichment activities.

UPDATED TECHNOLOGY AND EQUIPMENT:Both in Querétaro and in Mexico City we have invested in access to technology andup-to-date equipment, to ensure that students have access to the necessary tools for learning and to prepare for the world of work.

CONTINUOUS ASSESSMENTS: At Banting and Brighton we believe in continuous assessment for success, we have regular and effective assessment systems to measure student performance and improve the quality of teaching.

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